An exotic oasis in a Middle Eastern style, this terraced garden features specimens true to the Mediterranean region, with dwarf pomegranate hedges and the soothing sound of water from several fountains. Inviting walkways meander from the highest point of the property lined with fragrant Angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia spp.), exotic palms, and espaliered lemon trees. A butterfly and hummingbird garden are filled with scented geraniums, lavenders and many Salvias as attractants. The adjacent kitchen garden is planted with culinary herbs and citrus fruit within easy reach. Tall persimmon, plum, and fig trees are featured on the lowest level where they don’t interrupt the views of the Santa Barbara Riviera, alongside wisteria and flowering ginger beneath a rose-covered pergola. On the upper terrace is a seasonal cut-flower garden providing year-round bouquets, and another spectacular terrace designated for some three hundred roses. “This garden receives many visitors from admiring friends of the client who is also a docent of the gardens at Ganna Walska’s Lotusland,” says Trace. “She is proud of both of these gardens in her life.”