“When I see beauty it connects me to the unseen and the unspoken of the universe. Nature’s beauty reminds me to experience peace and gratitude, to forget the troubles of the world.


The avenues of joy from a garden are endless. I feel it’s my gift to create beautiful and sacred places for my clients – to commune and restore, to read a book, or pick a bouquet that nurtures their own souls and those around them.


Every project is personal to me, and I get to know the people who come into my life. My greatest pleasure is discovering what a client wants by listening to their dreams and their deepest desires. Maybe it’s a memory of their grandmother’s garden, a special feeling they had on a hike, or a simple wish to pick an apple from their own tree. Tapping in to that mystery and serving as the hands behind their minds and hearts is so important and satisfying to me.


In every garden I encounter, no matter the style or scale of the project, I imagine its growth and becoming, the affect of seasons over time, and its way of revealing to us the circle of life. Creating a garden is my opportunity to see heaven on earth, and sharing that with others is a lifelong joy.”

Trace Iest Robinson




SBCC Horticultural Program 1998 – 2000


Contractor’s License, CA State Landscape Contractor C27, 2000


Constance Spry School of Floristry, Surrey, England 1995, 2005

Certificat de Perfectionnement a l'art floral europeenne, Art and Nature International Ecole, Paris 2002


Certificat de Perfectionnement a l'art floral europeenne, Le Directeur d'Art & Nature International Jean-Louis Auboyer, Paris 2004

Certificate de Capacit´, Ecole Europeenne D'Art Floral, Lyon, France

Master’s course study in European Contemporary Design, Alsmeer, Netherlands 2007 – 2012



Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Seattle WA


San Francisco Flower and Garden Show


Hanover Garden Club, Dartmouth, New Hampshire, England


Santa Barbara Garden Club


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden


Music Academy of the West


SB Landscape Contractors Association


University of California, Santa Barbara, College of Creative Studies


Santa Barbara City College Horticultural Program


Santa Barbara Museum of Art




Nominated for Best of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Beautiful Foundation


Best of Houzz

Bee Garden Award

Beekeeper's Guild of Santa Barbara

Away Station Certification

Monarch Watch Organization