With Trace Robinson's extensive experience in Landscape Development, she also provides consultation relating to any specific area you may need addressed. Trace can address any part of a project you may have, though some of her most frequent consulting work is done in the following areas:

Site Overviews

A general evaluation of the property is performed to determine which aspects of a site’s landscape are strong, which need help, and how an existing property may be revitalized. This overview is performed in the context of aesthetic beauty, soil structure, irrigation, general plant care, and the specific needs of the client.

Soil Analysis

Trace Robinson performs a review of the soil, and determines the soil’s needs to optimize plant growth and longevity. Trace then formulates a site-specific recipe of additives to increase the soil’s microorganism population, and overall fertility.

Tree Assessment

Assess the trees and provide information for the maintenance, health, and longevity of new and existing trees. Advise in proper pruning practices.

Plant Care & Maintenance

Verify what needs fertilizing with what type of fertilizer, amending and or mulching, and suggest a variety of techniques and materials to augment plant and tree health, focusing on sustainable and organic horticultural principles when possible

Irrigation Systems

Evaluation of watering system, analyze irrigational configuration and implement and retrofit for existing as well as new plantings.

  • Clients
    • Montecito Covenant Church
    • Mike Dinney “Fairlane”
    • Carla Freedman
    • Walter Darlene and Hansen
    • Pam and Karl Lopker

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